How a Session Works

From anamnesis to therapy

Each osteopathic session starts with anamnestic interview, to identify your current discomforts and pains, as well as to learn about your personal medical history (past injuries, accidents, or surgeries). Your diagnostic assessments, such as X-rays or MRI/MRT, should be discussed as well during the conversation, helping to complete your clinical picture. Next, an accurate medical examination is performed to determine and locate body tensions and blockages. At the end of the session, a detailed report is completed which will form the basis for successive treatments.

A session lasts approximately 50 minutes. The number of sessions needed is determined individually. After three to five sessions an improvement of your medical condition should be noticeable. Since with osteopathy the self-curing capabilities of the body are activated, each treatment should be repeated at a regular interval ranging from every two to six weeks. In rare cases a weekly session may be necessary.

For preventative treatments, a session frequency from four to six weeks would be suggested.

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