Osteopathy in Munich and Chiemgau

"Life is Movement."
(A.T. Still)

Movement is the fundamental principle of life.
In the same way in which a river never stops flowing. From source to estuary, it flows constantly, staying vital and pure. If the flow is blocked, the river loses its restorative and cleansing power.

The human body works like a river – composed of seventy percent water, its flow maintains our vital functions. If this movement is impaired, the healthy circulation of vital fluids will diminish. Similarly, bones, joints, muscles, connective tissues, internal organs, and nerves can loose their mutual balance, leading to dysfunctions and pain.

The aim of my osteopathic treatments is to trace my patients’ physical ailments to their source. By solving them, long-term balance within the sensitive body “ecosystem” can be re-established.

Ulrike Heuer

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